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Shakespeare in the garden

Permanently Bard in association with Fuller’s Inns presents:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare, England’s great renaissance artist. Perhaps the most successful brand in the history of the British Isles. When most people talk Shakespeare, they think Stratford-upon-Avon, or the Globe, or the silver-tongued enunciation of Sir Laurence Olivier. They don’t immediately conjure images of their local pub’s beer garden. But in fact, in Shakespeare’s day, the local inn yard was very often the site of the finest theatrical entertainment in the kingdom. It was the regulation of Inn Yard Theatres in London in 1574 that gave rise to the Playhouses such as the Rose, The Globe, The Swan and others, before that ‘The Pub was the Thing.’

To book your ticket in one of our Twelve Gardens:

16-19 July, Castle, Harrow
23-24 July White Buck Burley
25 July Red Lion Chalton
26-27 July Turks Head Twickenham
2-3 August The Boater, Bath
8-9 August Pilot Greenwich
14-15 August The Mill Elstead
16-17 August King & Queen, Caterham
21-23 August Duke of Kent, Ealing
29 August Red Lion Chalton
30-31 August Links Tavern, Liphook
4-6 September Rose & Crown Ealing
12-13 September Red Lion Barnes

Tickets £12/£10
Elizabethan Picnic Baskets available, check individual websites for details

In 2010, Theatre Producer and Publican Tom Tucker dreamed up the idea of staging Shakespeare in his beer garden at the Rose & Crown in Ealing. That production of Much Ado About Nothing was subject to a torrential downpour all week, but the show went on. Some scenes were performed in wellingtons under umbrellas, but nothing seemed to dampen the spirits of the very eager audiences. For many, it was their first taste of Shakespeare, for others it shattered stereotypes of Shakespeare being stuffy or inaccessible.

By 2013, Tucker had founded Permanently Bard, a theatre company dedicated to the production of Shakespeare’s plays in pubs. After seven performances of Twelfth Night in two Fuller’s pubs in 2013, a plan was formulated to tour 12 pubs across the south of England summer 2014 performing the bard’s most popular play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Fuller’s Inns Managing Director Jonathon Swaine said “I’d love more events like this to happen. Events like these put smiles on people’s faces. In this day and age, the more events that we can stage to help connect people like this together, as opposed to being in front of our TVs on our sofas, the better. They enrich our lives.”

Produced by Tom Tucker
Directed by Sean Turner


Lucy Aarden Southall as Helena
Josie Catherine as Hermia
David Chittenden as Oberon
Bryony Meredith as Titania
Richard Fish as Nick Bottom
Cameron Harle as Puck
Jack Harding as Lysander
Jonathan McHardy as Demetrius

Creative Associate: Luke Adamson

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