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Frequently asked questions

As a shareholder, what am I entitled to?

In addition to your statutory voting rights, attendance at the AGM and receipt of any dividends paid, shareholders owning more than 250 'A' or 'C' shares, or 2,500 'B' shares are entitled to a Shareholder Discount. This is an online booking code offering a 10% discount from the Best Available Rate shown on our website. Discounts at our hotels are at the discretion of the individual manager and in busy periods discounts may not always be available. New or current shareholders can obtain the code from the Company Secretariat on +44 (0)20 8996 2105/2115 or email These shareholders can also get a reduction on items for sale in the Brewery Store (located at the Brewery in Chiswick) by quoting the discount code. Please note this discount is NOT applicable to the online shop.

Who are Fuller's registrars?

Computershare Investor Services PLC
The Pavilions
Bridgwater Road
BS99 6ZZ

T: +44 (0)870 702 0101

What do I do if I have lost my Fuller's share certificate?

Write to Computershare, Fuller's registrars or you can call them on 0870 702 0101. They can issue a replacement but there is a fee to pay.

How can I purchase shares in Fuller's?

Through your broker, bank or Computershare.

How do I transfer shares into another person's name?

Again, tell your broker, bank or Computershare. They will take some details from you and ask that you complete a "Share Transfer Form" which should be sent to Computershare with your share certificate.

When are you announcing your next results?

We announce preliminary results in May/June and Half Year results in November/December. Once dates are finalised they will appear in the Diary Dates section of the Investors homepage.

When and where does the next shareholders AGM take place?

In July, in the Hock Cellar at the Brewery. Once dates are finalised they are listed in the Diary Dates section of the Investors homepage.

When does Fuller's pay its dividends?

In July and January each year - if applicable.

How can I obtain a copy of the annual report and accounts?

You can print these from the website in the Financial Reports section.

Can I receive my dividend in a format other than a cheque?

Yes. You can ask the registrars for a form to fill in instructing them to pay your dividend direct into your bank account. You'll also find this form attached to your dividend cheque if you prefer to complete it then. In all cases we always confirm that we've made a payment to you.

Who can I contact with any other enquiries regarding my shareholding or potential shareholding?

Speak to Computershare (or your bank or broker) regarding your current shareholding or for more general enquiries contact the Company Secretariat on +44 (0)20 8996 2105 or 2115.

Who do I notify if I change my name and address?

Computershare, Fuller's registrars (they will require this in writing).

Can I join your mailing list if I'm not a shareholder?

Yes. Please write to our registrars, Computershare, if you wish to join our mailing list.

Does the company offer scrip dividends?


I have questions about tax on my shares and/or dividends - who should I direct them to?

Your financial adviser (The Company and its registrars are not authorised to provide you with such advice).

Why did the share price appear to have dropped significantly in August 2007?

Because the five for two share split, approved by the shareholders on 24th July 2007 at the Company’s AGM, was effective from 6th August 2007.

Where can I find the Fuller's share price?

We are listed in The independent, Financial Times, Evening Standard and The Times newspapers. You can also find the share price online at the London Stock Exchange website.

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