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The Company wishes to advise that Chairman Michael Turner today exercised Senior Executive Share Options over 15,403 ‘A’ Ordinary 40p shares in the Company as detailed below:

Year Options Option Price

2010 6,747 £5.78

2010 1,047 £6.30

2011 4,538 £7.09

2012 3,071 £7.05

The 2011 and 2012 options have been released on a pro-rated basis (to 1 July 2013) approved by the Remuneration Committee as Mr Turner is no longer entitled to participate in the Senior Executive Share Option Scheme, since he became Non-Executive Chairman on 1 July 2013.

A proportion of the shares shown above were sold to fund the exercise, a further proportion to cover the tax & NI due thereon and the balance was also sold on behalf of Mr Turner. All the shares were sold on the London Stock Exchange at £9.64 each.

This announcement is made in accordance with the requirements of DTR 3.1.4.

Enquiries to:

Rebecca Howes-Bolton

Company Secretarial Assistant

020 8996 2105

22 November 2013


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