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Equipment Check

All kitchen equipment
Try to find out the origin of supply and how old the equipment is. This will give you a better idea as to how long it may last.
Extraction fans
How do they work? How effective are they? When were they last cleaned?
Coffee machines
How old and effective are they? Coffee supplier?
Fridges and freezers
How old and effective are they? Inspect seals. How do they defrost?
Wine cabinet
Is the wine being chilled enough? Does it look attractive?
Ice maker
Is the capacity enough? Is the shape of the ice adequate?
Glass washer
Is it effective? Smear free glasses? Is the capacity enough? Detergent supplier? Is there enough racking? Insist on a demonstration.
Toilet hygiene
Air fresheners? Soap dispensers?
Hand-dryers etc.
Ownership? Terms? Are they effective?
TV and Sky
Ownership? Terms? Correct licences? A Sky permit for public viewing is calculated on your rateable value and can start be asignificant cost, so be sure it is necessary.
Audio equipment / juke box
Ownership? Quality? Correct offer?
Fruit machines
Ownership? Terms? Necessary? Control? Written permission from Fuller's will be required and you will have to take the machines from a list of nominated suppliers.
Supplier? Maintenance?
Fire extinguishers / alarm
Are they adequate? When were they last serviced? Does the alarm comply with current legislation?
Consider changing the lock.
Ventilation system
Understand its operation. Is it effective? When was it last cleaned and serviced? Supplier?
Central heating
Understand its operation. Is it effective? How old is the boiler? Service/maintenance?
Garden equipment
What is its state of repair? Is it safe?
Generators / septic tanks / oil tanks / gas cylinders
Understand their operation. Are they safe?

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