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Brewer's Reserve

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It was during a late evening dram involving the Head Brewer of Fuller’s, John Keeling, and a certain Master Distiller, that the concept of Brewer’s Reserve was born. With his appreciation of the qualities of both beer and spirits, John decided that he wanted to create a new strong beer, incorporating some of the characteristics of a spirit.

Four years later, in 2008 the result was the ultimate in brewing craftsmanship and innovation, the first Brewer's Reserve.

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Brewer's Reserve No.4

The fourth incarnation of Fuller’s acclaimed Brewer’s Reserve series of barrel-aged beers is now available, following a much-awaited debut at the Great British Beer Festival at Olympia, London in August.

Brewer’s Reserve No.4 has spent over a year gently maturing in vintage Comte de Lauvia Armagnac casks, from the Bas region of France; the oldest Armagnac producing region. The black oak casks add a spirit-like edge to the beer, particularly on the nose, with a rich spicy flavour of prunes, orange peel, and cinnamon.

Brewer’s Reserve No.4’s extensive maturation time has infused the beer with delicious raisin, green apple, vanilla and cinnamon flavours from the rare oak Armagnac casks. These, combined with the rich malt body and pleasant sharp fruitiness derived from the beer, result in a wonderfully complex and very satisfying beer.

Brewer's Reserve No.4 can be purchased from the online store, or from the Brewery Shop in person.

(Updated Nov 9, 2012)

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