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Apply and Finding a Pub

You can view all of our current vacancies by clicking here.

Applying to join us couldn’t be easier, you can either :-

1. Phone Nicole Keogan our Recruitment Manager on 020 8996 2100 who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or
2. Fill out the on-line application form.

The Oak, Aston ClintonThe Horse & Jockey, CurbridgeThe Castle, Ryde, IoWThe White Horse, Hertford

First General Interview

Whether you have phoned or filled out the on-line application form we will forward you our Tenancy Brochure which will give you details about the agreement you are applying for. Our dedicated recruiter, Nicole, will then follow this up by phoning you and arranging an initial interview. This will be either with her or with one of our business development managers. It could be that you are applying for a particular house or you may be seeking our assistance in finding the right pub. Either way we will assist you and you need not worry at this stage if you are not sure.

At the initial interview we will cover many topics to help you in your future particular pub application.
We will be making various checks about you at this interview which will include taking references and making credit searches.

Once you have successfully taken this stage of the process you will either be in a position to take a pub or be placed on our database of preferred candidates for any future vacancies that arise.

Interview for a particular House

You have now found the house you are looking for and this interview will be with the business development manager for the property. You will need to bring with you your full business plan for the short and long term development of the business. This should include the following:

  • Profit and loss account for first and second year
  • Cash flow forecast for the first and second year
  • Confirmation of financial position including proof of finance
  • References (personal, banking or trade suppliers)
  • The BII Certificate of Pre-Entry Awareness Training (this must be taken at least 5 days prior to signing an agreement with us).
  • A copy of your personal licence (if you have one at this stage).
  • Proof you have independently prepared the business plan and have taken advice from an expert normally this will be your accountant.

Final Interview

This final stage will normally be with the Tenanted Operations Director who is responsible for making sure you are fully aware of the business you are entering, the agreement, and your suitability to the house. Once again we will expect you to go through the full business plan for the house you are taking on.

In return you can expect the following information from Fuller’s:

  • Detailed information on the physical condition of the property and insurance obligations
  • A full explanation of the repairing obligations of the agreement
  • Details on any restrictions contained within the lease or tenancy agreement in respect of the use of the premises
  • Details of the premises licence, together with any conditions relating to the licence, plus details of any enforcement action that has taken place during the previous two years
  • Three years' trading history in terms of goods supplied by Fuller’s in the form of barrelage or litreage of wines and spirits
  • Turnover figures including wet, dry and machine income if the pub is transferring from our managed pubs division
  • A shadow profit and loss account (P & L). The shadow P & L will include details of all income streams broken down in to drink, food and other income including machines. This will be based at a level we expect a reasonably efficient operator should perform at. We will then provide details of cost assumptions associated with the business. These will include wages, utilities, rates, insurance, repairs and maintenance, and other operational costs and expenses. The shadow P & L report we provide is only a guide, so it is vital you take independent advice and prepare your own business plan and profit projections.
  • The terms of the supply of all amusement machines, their management and the share of income
  • A copy of the current price lists, the discounts applicable and details of the wet tie
  • Details of the credit/payment terms applicable to the agreement
  • A full explanation of the rent review procedure
  • Details on Fuller’s capital investment programme
  • Details of any Fuller’s pubs in the locality and any plans for altering or developing those pubs
  • A copy of the terms of the tenancy or lease agreement
  • An agreed change date (the date you take over the pub)wherever possible
  • Details of any material changes that we are aware of in the commercial conditions that may have an influence on the business including any restrictions which may be put on the business
  • Details of the first year open book accounting and stocktaking policy
  • A full explanation of pre-entry training requirements and costs
  • An explanation of the terms under which flow monitoring equipment is operated and the way such equipment is used within the business

A checklist will be signed by both parties to ensure that you are fully satisfied that all the relevant issues have been discussed, understood and agreed by both Fuller's and tenant or lessee. You will receive a copy of the signed checklist at interview.

If you are successful in obtaining the pub a "Heads of Terms" letter will be sent to you. This will confirm the main details of the agreement we discussed with you at the final interview. Once this has been signed and returned, the BDM will help you work towards the exciting day you take over your pub. A Countdown to Takeover document, which you will find very useful, is available on our web site at It is normally expected that completion will occur around two to eight weeks after you have signed and returned the Heads of Terms.

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