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Fuller’s is an independent family brewer and as such, we pride ourselves on the way we conduct business, particularly with our suppliers. We understand that any long-term business relationship should be mutually beneficial and based on transparent and fair procurement practices.

We aim to encourage our suppliers to empathise with and adopt similar values to Fuller’s. We do this by communicating with them regularly and operating a purchasing department resourced by procurement professionals who work to a purchasing code of ethics based on that adopted by the Charted Institute of Purchasing and Supply.

A number of our suppliers have been with us for many years. Recent inspection of our Brewing books from over a 100 years ago show that we were brewing with malt from Jupp’s, now French and Jupps in Hertfordshire. We are still taking specialist malt from them today!

Long term agreements with our suppliers allow both parties to plan for the future with some degree of stability and we actively seek to operate such agreements wherever possible. For example, by entering into forward contracts with one of our hop growers, not only are we securing a supply for our brews for years to come, but the guarantee of orders from Fuller’s has allowed the grower in question to invest in planting out extra vines of Northdown hops.

Local produce

In addition, over the last three years, we have developed strong partnerships with local food suppliers in the South England through our support of umbrella organisations such Hampshire Fare and the New Forest Marque.

Our Local Sourcing Policy gives our suppliers security of trade and payment terms, whilst detailing our criteria for quality and provenance.

In the last year, we have purchased over £200,000 of produce through the local supply chain, and look forward to growing our partnerships further.

We are aware that, compared to many of the local and regional suppliers we deal with, Fuller’s is a large company but we are committed to managing our relationships with local producers in the same way as the larger national suppliers. Again, with long-term agreements in place, the local suppliers we use are afforded a level of stability and security enabling them to develop their business further. This is particularly relevant for the supply of our Organic raw materials used in the brewing of Organic Honey Dew. We now have in place forward contracts with John Walker for the supply of Organic First Gold hops grown by him on his farm in Hereford. We are pleased to confirm that we are using Organic Barley from Neston Park the country estate of the Fullers family for producing a proportion of the Organic malt used in this year’s brews.

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