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Ongoing Support

Business Development Manager Support

At Fuller's, we pride ourselves on the close working relationship between our tenants and their business development manager. You can expect to see your business development manager at least once every eight weeks, having allowed for holidays. Key to maintaining this relationship is a commitment to the training needs of our BDM's. Our entire team has completed the BII Level 4 qualification in Multiple Licensed Premises Management but if any new BDM is appointed we commit to them taking the above course within 18 months of joining. No BDM will be allowed to sign off a rent calculation unless they have undertaken the BII Level $ Qualification. Fuller's is also totally committed to supporting all training for tenants and BDMs accredited by the BII.

Your Business Development Manager can be contacted (personal mobile numbers will be provided on day of change) at any time of day or night and our obligation to you is whenever possible to respond within 48 hours of a call being made.

Your business development manager is expected to act in a professional and reasonable manner in their dealing with you and can provide support and professional advice on:

• The current trade figures for your pub on an annual, monthly and moving year basis
• Capital investments
• Current marketing and promotional opportunities
• Annual business planning and financial aspects of the business
• Training requirements and scheduling
• A free pub design service if you are planning to decorate or alter your premises
• Product management and supply
• Act as a contact point for all other head office functions if necessary
• The content and application of the Industry Framework Code and self-regulatory mechanisms.

Capital Support Programme
To ensure licensees have the opportunity to continually make improvements to their properties, or perhaps reposition their business, Fuller’s sets aside an amount of money to help with capital investments. A full study of the business will be undertaken and, if both parties agree that it is the right way forward for the pub, our estates department will oversee the entire project. The project will need to bring a return for both parties involved, you via the takings and Fuller's via the rental income. Your business development manager will help you prepare for any scheme you wish to propose.

Help Desk
The Help Desk is the place to turn to when you have a property related query. Based at Chiswick the team deals with all general property queries. If you wish they can also arrange for repair work to be undertaken that is your responsibility under the terms of your tenancy agreement. In these instances the costs will be re-charged to your account.

Service Charge
A service charge is applied to any new agreement (a higher rate applies when a full kitchen extract system exists). The Service Package which is charged for weekly in advance covers the following:

• Fire Risk Assessment
• Kitchen Extraction Cleaning
• Portable Appliance Testing
• Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
• Health and Safety workplace assessment
• Gas Appliance Certificate
• Water appliance checks
• Chimney flue maintenance

Please ask at interview what the current charge applicable to the house you are applying for is.

World-Famous Cask-Conditioned Seasonal Ales
As well as our award-winning core range of ales mentioned earlier in this brochure, Fuller's produces a varied selection of seasonal beers which ensure your customers can look forward to something a little different from time to time.

Guest Cask Ales
We also offer a range of guest ales from all over the country to assist those houses with large cask ale sales. The rules applying to this guest ale are that our tenants and lessees must be selling three Fuller's brewed cask ales before being allowed to take the rotational guest ales supplied to you through the Fuller's distribution system.

Cellar Management
Cask Ale is essential to our business and is one of the key differentiators between a pub and a supermarket. We have a dedicated team of professional trade quality advisors to help make sure that every pint served is of the highest possible quality. This team visits every cellar unannounced four times per annum and measures every aspect of beer quality from cellar to glass. This can lead to the ultimate Fuller's accolade of becoming a Master Cellarman. As a reward to all Master Cellarmen we provide a free firkin (nine gallons) of beer every month.

The outside of your pub is the first thing any prospective customers will see. To ensure that the first impression you give is a positive one Fuller's has a policy of regularly refreshing all our pubs external signage and lighting schemes at the company's cost.

Fuller's offers a unique selection of outstanding quality wines, the vast majority of which are exclusive to Fuller's tied pubs. Your business development manager can arrange for a wine expert to assist you in the development of a bespoke wine selection for your pub, including the production of the printed list itself. You can expect to see an exclusive wine offer in each issue of our Tenants Extra magazine.

Catering and Food Development
Food is an increasingly important factor in many pubs' offering. Your BDM will be able to provide you with ideas and suggestions for developing the food trade at your pub if appropriate. This support can include menu development and production, recipe and promotional ideas.

Fuller’s Incentive Schemes
Discount schemes are offered on all full tenancy agreements. A full list of the current discounts applicable to the agreement on offer to you will be provided during the interview stage. Discounts do not form part of our tenancy agreement and if for any reason you are not fully complying with the agreement you have with us we reserve the right to withdraw them.

Machines Advice
Your business development manager, together with an independent machine advisor, will always be aware which machines are performing well throughout the Fuller’s estate and will advise you on what is best for your pub. All machines must come from one of our nominated suppliers.

Marketing Support
We have an experienced marketing team who will be happy to assist licensees with any ideas they may have for promotions. In addition, your business development manager will be able to support you with a range of promotional packages designed to help build your business. Examples of this support can include:

· Production of point of sale material including posters and flyers
· Development of direct marketing campaigns
· Loyalty and reward schemes

Our online external communication for our tenants, which provides an online version of all their statements and invoices, cellar guide, compliance documents, trade quality audits and mystery shopper reports, the facility to track and record your ullage, examples of menus, links to other industry websites, job description template and employment contract template as well as tasting notes for all our beers and much more.

Press Office
Fuller’s has a centralised press office, which will offer guidance, assistance and produce press releases to help you gain media coverage for your pub. The press office will also be available to handle the media on your behalf in any unfortunate circumstances.

Rating Advice and Building Insurance
Fuller's provides access to an independent rating advisor who will assist you in all rating matters. Fuller's pays for this service on your behalf. We also pay the Buildings Insurance covering your property.

Other Services
The following services are also provided but do not form part of the tenancy agreement and could be subject to change or withdrawal:

BII Membership
We provide one free full membership of the BII (British Institute of Innkeeping) per pub. We believe being a member of the leading professional body for the licensed retail sector is essential to our tenants success.

Mystery Shopper Programme
Likewise we believe a professional measured approach to the way the business is run is also essential to success and to assist in this we provide two mystery visits per annum for every house in the estate. You will receive full feedback of each visit from your business development manager.

We have partnered with O2 to provide a wi-fi service to all pubs. The contract was signed late 2012 for three years. During this period we undertake to provide through O2 a free wi-fi service for customers while the contract remains in place.

Tenants Extra
We have regular communication with our licensees on a number of topics via our in-house magazine, Tenants Extra. Tenants Extra is a regular glossy publication which contains stories from our pub estate, business building ideas and exclusive offers.

Buying Guide
All tenants will be regularly provided with details of purchasing agreements for non tied products negotiated by Fuller’s with a variety of suppliers.

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