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Joining Fuller's

1. Applying for a house on the market with Fuller’s

Whilst we have some houses operated under longer term leases we now only offer traditional tenancies on the open market.
Having contacted us either by phone, writing or via the website you will be asked to attend a general interview so we can ascertain the type of house best suited to you, what funds you have available and the geographical area you wish to be situated. Once you find a pub you really would like to run, let us know and the selection process then proceeds further. All the details of our vacancies are available to you on this site and you can also read about our lease and tenancy agreements and apply online.

2. Taking an existing lease

We have already granted a number of leases across the Fuller’s estate and occasionally these become available. This is when, after the closed selling on period of the first two years, the present retailers decide to sell the remaining term of the business. The legal jargon is called assignment and refers to those wishing to sell on their leases at a cash figure which we refer to as a premium. A premium will normally include their initial investment plus a premium for the goodwill they have built up in the business. We have a dedicated assignment section as part of the web site which you can access by clicking here.

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