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How we brew

Putting hops in a copper

Beware, brewing along with many other industries uses many unfamiliar names and terms that can make a perfectly simple process sound baffling!

The four major ingredients of beer are water, malt, hops and yeast. An average daily brew of Fuller's flagship brand London Pride uses 750 barrels of water, 13 tonnes of malt, 110 kilograms of hops and 320 kilograms of yeast. All of this produces 640 barrels or 184,320 pints of London Pride - that's enough to give every spectator at a Wembley Cup Final three pints each - possibly not a very good idea, but it does give you some idea of the scale the brewery works on!

The main ingredient in brewing though, is something you can't see. It's our brewing philosophy and the pride and passion that our brewing team, and everyone at Fuller's, has running through their veins.

The determination to always delight our customers with our great range of beers is what keeps us going.

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