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Data Protection
Fuller Smith & Turner P.L.C is registered data user under the Data Protection Act. Our registration number is 241882.

Use of your information
Any name and address details you provide on our websites may be held and used by us to send you the information you have requested.

Your email address and postal address may also be used by us to tell you about our products and services from time to time (unless you have opted out out of such communications).

In our email marketing, we may use reputable and professional marketing service providers to make sure that we adhere to the best practice guidelines in our email marketing. This means that your information will be securely held, and the marketing email may technically be sent via a carefully selected third party.

Disclosures of your information
* We will not disclose your information to any other companies.
* Where required by law or legal proceedings, we may disclose your information to credit agencies and to other people in relation to enquiries concerning the prevention and detection of fraud or crime or the apprehension or prosecution of offenders.

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer, mobile phone or other device by a website that you visit. Your web browser will access the cookie file as you navigate or when you return to the website that created it. The information in the cookie is typically used to :

- provide interactive and personalised features such as polls, surveys and links to social networking site
- help the site owner to gather anonymous website statistics
- improve accessibility and usability by allowing you to change contrast and font size when you navigate through the site without having to do it on every page site registration

- keep track of your shopping basket on an e-commerce website
- provide ease of login to your account if the site uses registration or subscription services
The cookie is only useful in the context of the website that created it. It cannot be used by other websites. Websites that set cookies do not have access to other information on your computer – they can only access the cookie(s) they create. Cookies on their own can not be used to identify you personally.

The table below lists the cookies used on our websites (1st Party)

Cookie Description
If you choose to resize the text or enhance the colour contrast on our website, these cookies are used to remember your preferred settings. They allow you to look around our website without having to reset the text size or contrast on each new page you visit.
They are session cookies, which means they are removed from your device when you close your browser window.
nf-[number] Sometimes we may draw your attention to important information on our website using a pop-up newsflash. If you select 'do not show again', this cookie simply stores your preference to prevent the pop-up newsflash from reappearing.
ident If you decide to register or login on our website, we will issue this cookie to keep you logged in as you navigate from page to page.
identu This cookie makes it easier for you to login on return visits to our website. Your username will automatically appear in the login box and you just need to enter your password to login.
JSESSIONID Stores a random string as a session id that is used in the ordering process and is needed for the 3D security check with Verified by Visa service.
Expires at the end of the session (ie. when you close your browser). There are two of these created, one on the http site and the other when you enter checkout at the secure https site.
UID This cookie is allocated when you add a product to basket. It stores a random number to identify your shopping basket. Expires within three days from the last time you visited the site.
SID This is used to indicate whether we should fetch your address details from your previous orders if you have opted in for ‘Remember me’ service. For this site, this cookie will always show a status of opt-out, and your address details will not be stored. Expires at the end of the session (ie. when you close your browser).
ASP.NET_SessionId This is required by our websites to allow them to function,and this will be reset should you chose to remove it at any time.

3rd Party Cookies

Cookie Description
Google Analytics:
We use Google Analytics on our websites to collect information about how our visitors use our site. These cookies do not store personal information about you, but are used to anonymously track the number of visitors, where they come from and the pages they visit on websites. This information helps us to improve the online service we provide.
You can view Google's privacy policy here:
To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites visit
ASP session
Our careers website uses these cookies to store a session id only. This enables us to remember your search criteria and apply for vacancies with your browser session. This cookie is removed after you leave this site and is not accessed by any other sites.

To improve user experience, we allow you to share pages of our website via social networking sites, such as Facebook. We may also display content from other websites, such as YouTube or Google maps, on our web pages. Please note that you may be sent cookies from these other websites. We do not control these cookies and advise you to check the relevant third-party privacy policies to find out more about the cookies they use and how to manage them.







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